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  1. we will get back to you as soon as possible
  2. only testers will gain it and server is now closed
  3. did you try to use minimal launcher?
  4. hola 🙂
  5. Reporting a Staff Member At Blackempire, we do our best to make sure that everyone in our staff team is professional and respectful towards other members of the community. If you wish to report a Game Master or Forum Moderator for misusing their powers, please make sure that you follow the format below and have evidence of this. Reporting a Executive Game Master, Head Game Master, and Forum Moderator can be made using Reporting a Chat Moderator, Trial Game Master, Game Master, and Senior Game Master can be made using Once you've sent your report in, the respective team will overview the report and determine an outcome of the report. Please note that we will not RELEASE the punishment a Game Master or Forum Moderator receives. We respect their privacy, and they shouldn't be forced to tell anyone. However, we will inform you once the report has been concluded.
  6. Today I'll be answering some of the questions that you may have about our server, Black Empire WoW. Q: What is this server and why I should play it? A: We are a team of experienced developers and staff members that come from various backgrounds, we are here to deliver you the best Battle for Azeroth experience that we can give compared to Blizzard, we want to make everyone feel welcome and at home, while offering you a lag free experience with the best scripting we can offer. Q: I saw the server already has a shop tab on the website, should I worry? A: NO. We will never make the server pay to win or anything of the sort. The only items we'll put in the shop will be cosmetic only, like mounts, pets and toys, while also giving the possibility to buy a Level 110 Character boost. Q: How can you guarantee I'll have a good time here? A: To be honest, we can't, you may run into an issue here and there, either with our scripting since we're currently testing everything or with another "not so nice player", but in either case, we'll try to respond and fix/help as fast as possible. Q: I'm still not convinced, can I really believe you? A: I know everything is new and all, but I need you to put a bit of faith into us, the Black Empire team. Then I want you to decide if it was worth.
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