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  1. We'll be releasing more information over the next few days and weeks about the status of the project and our upcoming realm. The plan is to release as much information we can early on to encourage community discussion and involvement in the project itself. https://blackempirewow.com/legion/ PvP/PvE? - We are initially committing to providing a PvP realm as this is in highest demand. The future will tell wether or not we will launch an PvE realm, or any other additional realm(s). What patch? - One thing is sure - we like 7.3.5 8.3.7. We'll progress through patches. For those familiar with Latincore, What will the XP-rates be? - Not talked about yet What will the realm name be? - Our team is Latincore, but we're hoping to be able to poll the community before we decide. We'll say more about this as we progress.Can I help? Which core will you use? - Latincore.
  2. hello u can join our discord channel we can help you in discord
  3. Its fixed or? send me your email on pm i can check on database
  4. Join our discord channel we can help you in discord
  5. Our server Black Empire 8.3 is relaunching on November 13th We are looking for new players to join us and create something great as well as be the first 8.3.7 server to be able to give the full experience of BfA as well as have working old content for all you completionists out there. Players of any calibre are welcome, new, old or returning. I am sure you will find something fun to do on our server from our occasional custom events to playing with our helpful and welcoming community, Joining or creating your own guild with friends. Grinding out content new and old for the best gear or for transmog maybe even make new friends with the player base along the way. Besides that, if you decide to join, I hope to see you there and I hope you enjoy your stay. And for those that do not keep looking for that server that is right for you 😊. Just some extra info: We were gone due to some technical reasons; we are returning better and stronger than ever boasting possibly one of the best cores at the moment as well as a ton of new content. All previous accounts registered on the server still work and are available, so you will not need to restart once the server relaunches on the 13th. We have an NPC with free Heirlooms (Found in every major city) to make your levelling experience just that much easier and faster so you can experience all the content in store at the highest level, As well as a NPC for the Artifact Weapons from Legion for free (Found near the flight master in new Dalaran). The XP rate is x3, with an NPC to change your XP rate in every starting zone between x1, x2 and x3, with drop rates also being x3. In the future, in regard to EXP and drop rates if you’re not so much a fan of low rates or low exp rates I'll see what I can do about a possible promotional event at some point down the road but I can’t promise anything. We also have an active bug tracker that is checked daily by our staff, as well as an active changelog so you can see what is being fixed and what is being added by our dedicated team. It would also be useful and extremely helpful to our staff members to add bug reports to our bug tracker on the website should you encounter them. Last but not least the server is completely cross-faction, guilds, parties, dungeons all work with cross-faction so Horde can play with Alliance just pick your favourite race and class and play and you'll have the whole player base to interact with 😊. For more updates about the relaunch and about future updates come by our Discord with the link below 😊 We also a have a Discord server with our Repack if that applies to you it’s also linked below. Repack: Discord Discord: Discord ChangeLogs - Dungeons (normal,heroic,mythic): .Shrine Of TheStorm .TolDagor .Freehold .Atal'Dazar .The Motherlode .The Underrot .KingsRest .Operation Mechagon (King Gobbamak,Gunker, Trixie & Naeno,HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit) .Waycrest Manor .Temple Of Sethraliss (3 first bosses) .Siege Of Boralus - Raids (normal,heroic,mythic): .Nyalotha (Wrathion) .Uldir (Mother,Taloc,Vectis) - Scenarios: .The Stormwind Extraction .Uncharted Island .Whispering Reef Island .Tol dagor - World Bosses: .Dunegorger kraulok .Jiarak .Tzane .Warbringer Yenajz .Azurethos, The Winged Typhoon .Hailstone Construct - Allied Races in Starting (all,include Mechagnome) - Death Knight All Races - Starting zone Death Knight New and Old - Starting zone Pandaren - Starting zone Worgen - Starting zone Demon Hunter - Azerite Traits and The Heart of Azeroth - Corruption (need more work) - XP Rate x 3 + Npc for changing rate x1,x2,x3 - Npc with Free Heirlooms - Npc in Dalaran for free Artifac Weapons - Mythic+ - War Mode - Level Scaling - Loot Normal,Heroic,Mythic,Mythic+ & Loot Personal working - Battlegrounds and Arenas Random - LFG - Darkmoon Fire Event - All Classes playable (working on it) - Scraping - Brawlers guild rank 1 to 7 boss - Zones Spawned and Quests Working: .Drustvar .Stormsong Valley .Tiragarde Sound .Nazmir .Voldun .Zuldazar .Mechagon .Nazjatar (not full) Legion - The most of dungeons/raids working - The most of quests working - All zones spawned Warlods of Draenor - Draenor Intro working - The most of dungeons/raids working - The most of quests working - All zones spawned - Garrison (working on it) Pandaria,Cataclysm,Linch King,TBC - The most of dungeons/raids working - The most of quests working - All zones spawned
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