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  1. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=24546/a-line-in-the-dirt The flag just despawns during the quest, Making it impossible to continue with the quest.
  2. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=37090/deviate-terrortooth I was told after attacking this NPC, A mob from Deepholm "Pebble" shows up and attacks you although the NPCs have no correlation at all. But "Pebble" Despawns after you kill the Deviate Terrortooth, Sounds like a strange interaction between the NPCs possibly?
  3. Actually yeah, I completely disregarded the fact that it'll be an NPC of the enemy faction. As the player that reported this to me was Horde it seems. Hence them being unable to attack it and saying (Turn PvP on) I'm not sure if AoE worked though as I wasn't told much aside from they were unable to attack it because of the PvP protection? I guess? xD.
  4. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=25284/feeding-the-fear The quest marker for this quest, Does appear on the map however. The NPC (Holgom) was nowhere to be found.
  5. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=24517/put-the-fear-in-them Honor's Stand Officer NPC, Can't be attacked. (Says you need to turn on PvP) Although it's a quest mob and shouldn't matter about PvP being on or off.
  6. 15 - Abundance - Untested. (Need multiple people to test) Prosperity - Works. Cenarion Ward - Works. 30 - Tiger Dash - Works, Although it doesn't active cat form like it says. Renewal - Works. Wild Charge - Works. 45 - Balance Affinity - Doesn't work at all; Starsurge, Moonkin Form and Lunar Strike aren't learned by this talent. As for the 5 yard ability/spell range bonus I'm not sure. Although the tooltip on Regrowth said 40 yards, Instead of 45 with Balance Affinity. Feral Affinity - Doesn't work at all; Ferocious Bite, Rake, Rip and Swipe aren't learned by this talent. 15% Movement speed bonus doesn't seem to work, And 45% Energy generation also seems not to work. Guardian Affinity - Doesn't work at all; Thrash, Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration aren't learned by this talent. As for the 6% damage reduction I haven't tested it yet. 60 - Mighty Bash - Works. Mass Entanglement - Works. Typhoon - Works. 75 - Soul of the Forest - Doesn't work at all; Used "Swiftmend" No proc on SotF, Changed to "Prosperity" For double Swiftmend and still no SotF proc on both charges, It also gives no bonuses indicated on the tooltip. Cultivation - Doesn't apply "Cultivation" To the target when Rejuvination used under 60% health like the tooltip says. Incarnation: Tree of Life - It's INFINITE instead of 30 seconds, It has all of the bonuses as well, But has an INFINITE duration not 30 seconds like the tooltip. 90 - Inner Peace - Works. Stonebark - Works. Spring Blossoms - Nobody to test it with. 100 - Photosynthesis - Works Germination - Works Flourish - Unsure if it works or not, Doesn't seem to add 8 seconds to HoT abilities like the tooltip says. Could possibly only apply to friendly targets not the caster though. Will keep up to date on this if I find anymore šŸ™‚ .
  7. PvP Talents: And yes I am in warmode on. xD Early Spring - Isn't instant cast like it should be. Mark of the Wild - Doesn't work (Can't cast the ability it's greyed out) Overgrowth - Doesn't work (Can't cast the ability it's greyed out) Nourish - If all HoTs are applied it doesn't always crit, And it also doesn't apply a missing HoT after casts with no HoTs or less HoTs like the tooltip says. Revitalize - Doesn't seem to grant the "2 Charges of Revitalize after casting Rejuvination on the target" Like the tooltip says. Focused Growth - It does reduce the mana cost, However it doesn't apply the "Focused Growth" To the target like the tooltip says. Entangling Bark - It doesn't seem to root melee attackers like it's supposed to, Had hunter pets attacking me with Ironbark up but it didn't proc the ability. Deep Roots - Untested. Disentanglement - Untested. Encroaching Vines - Untested. Master Shapeshifter - Untested. Druid PvP talents, Not listed here seem to work in their correct function.
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