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  1. Tyy


    I agree with this suggestion
  2. Put it in the bug reports channel. This is General Discussion
  3. Wow. Never noticed that. Thanks for the report
  4. Posting this in the proper channel now. Visual bug with appearance being blurry.
  5. All healing spells for blood is broken.
  6. Tyy

    Possible Crash bug

    Could be just a coincidance, but if you are spectical about it crashing the server, I'd dm it to an Dev, instead of posting it on the forums where people can abuse the bug,
  7. Tyy

    Two Forms

    That would be cool. But that would be too hard to do for the devs.
  8. This is suggestion topic not bug reports.
  9. Crown of Eternal Winter is Visually Bugged.
  10. Tuve el mismo problema, gracias por informarlo.
  11. Eventually maybe, but as of right now, there is no migration system in place. They want to give new players a chance to level up before they let players transfer characters. Plus, they're really working hard on fixing bugs at the moment.
  12. Aye. Wish you the best of luck. I'm striving for the same thing. or maybe just a forum mod. We'll see
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