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  1. ICC bosses respawn during ID where they count as killed. DBW does not count towards progression of the raid and LK might not be available due to that (have not gotten far enough so theory is not proven yet). Trash does not respawn (which is good) but it makes respawned Sindragosa not killable and potentionaly holding played back to LK kill. Sindragosas teleport does not open even after her death (use to open after Spinestalker and Rimefang in her room sat down on the ground during wrath).
  2. Waycrest Manor have bugged door where play can not open them to get to any boss inside.
  3. Tested, still doesnt want to, but i didnt get level yet so it might be that druid did not update to current state.
  4. Not completely, now lock is consistant with what is missing
  5. Dying in SL zones teleports you to Westfall.
  6. Anima Vials are not obtainable.
  7. SL zones on scaling are 51- ?? (level to high to see). Bastion city is hostile to player (might be because I didnt do any quests for them) Visual bug when you fly from Ourobos to other continets (I was on my way to Maldraxxus)
  8. Ritual bond can not be completed, picking which animal you want to bond with is not an option. Animals have no "talk" option.
  9. Mounting from moonking form does not work. It does however work from bear or cat form no problem.
  10. Quest item does not work on cages towards progression. Killing bears does. Bears should not be targetable by spell, abilities or items apart from unlocking the cage by key.
  11. Nature's Balance does not work. You are not stacking astral power.
  12. Teleport: Moonglade does not teleport you to Moonglade.
  13. If you pick herbalism from any zone then BFA, you will not get to learn bfa herbalism, but if you learn in bfa, you can not 1st unlearn the skill, 2nd train at any other herbalism trainer. Almost the same hapends with alchemy except that one you can unlearn at your spellbook.
  14. Can not active Self destruct.
  15. Boat in Boralus went missing, it use to be here.
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