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Basic Mistweaver Monk Tip #1

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When healing, you will always want to have your Soothing Mist channeled at all times. While your Soothing Mist is being channeled, you can have your other 2 primary heals become instant cast and also allows all players with your renewing mist to also be healed while using vivify. That being Enveloping Mist, and Vivify. Using all 3 together, makes your heals very efficient! Make sure you also use Healbot. You can use cast over macros as well, but I personally prefer using Healbot, especially in big raids, where it is impossible to tell each person apart, especially when everyone is all over the place! Here is an example:



And here is my basic Healbot keybinds:

Left Click - Soothing Mist (Channeled heal overtime, your main heal that you should use with Jade Serpent Statue as well as Enveloping Mist, Renewing Mist and Vivify. )

Shift Left Click - Enveloping Mist (Heals target overtime, while also increasing healing done on the target)

Middle Button (On mouse) - Renewing Mist (Heals target overtime, while also healing players with Renewing Mist active additionally when vivify is cast) 

Ctrl Middle Button - Life Cocoon (Emergency absorb on target, also increases healing done to target while it is active)

Right Click - Vivify (Monk's strongest single target heal)

Shift Right Click - Revival (Monk's Strongest Aoe Spell, NOT an overtime heal)

Ctrl Right Click - Detox (Monk's Cleanse spell, removes all poisons, diseases, and magic effects on target) 

Everything else just needs to be set to a keybind on your action bar as it is not necessary to have it on Healbot. 


This is just a basic guide, and there is a lot more towards efficiently playing Mistweaver Monk, but I hope this gives anyone interested in Mistweaver a place to start. 



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