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New Level-up system

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Dear players, in these weeks we have been talking about some changes within the server and today we finally have it here.

Changes in server experience rates.

Let's explain a little bit why of these changes, we have verified that the server population is not being increasing and we believe that it is due to the adjustment of the rates on our server since there are many servers the same. Therefore, we will incorporate a new leveling system to make the experience much more attractive to a greater reach of the public.

What will this new level system look like?, simple:

  • XPRates Lvl 10 to 19: x6
  • XPRates Lvl 20 to 29: x5
  • XPRates Lvl 30 to 39: x6
  • XPRates Lvl 40 to 49: x5
  • XPRates Lvl 50 to 59: x6
  • XPRates Lvl 60 to 69: x7
  • XPRates Lvl 70 to 79: x8
  • XPRates Lvl 80 to 89: x9
  • XPRates Lvl 90 to 99: x10
  • XPRates Lvl 100 to 109: x10
  • XPRates Lvl 110: x1

This is the XP table for each level zone.

Will users have to do anything to switch XP?

  • No, the system will automatically recognize your level and adjust the experience according to the leveling system.

This way we want to attract players with less investment time within the game and make the experience in leveling their character as dynamic and fast as possible.

We thank you all for your dedication on the server and hope that these changes will be of great help to you in characters to come.


Best regards,
D3rS3b - Forum Dev to BlackEmpire WoW

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