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This forum is subject to a series of rules of coexistence, any violation of these rules could be grounds for expulsion from the forum community.

  • This forum is subject to the basic rules of coexistence.
  • Harassment, hatred, racism, sexism, discrimination, etc. it may be punished with an immediate ban without prior notice.
  • NSFW related postings are not allowed. Sexually explicit content or content that includes abusive language
  • Asking for gold and / or playtime, advertising bots, posting GoFundMe (or similar) links or spam links from other sites is prohibited.
  • Do not send spam messages, ASCII codes, create troll conversations or use offensive or hostile nicknames.
  • This forum is not a place to sell / trade / buy gold, accounts, in-game items, or advertise private servers.
  •  The instructions dictated by @Owner  🏆 and   @Administrator 📢 must be obeyed since they are the administrators of BlackEmpire WoW.
  • You are not allowed to spam anyone with or without mentions.
  • Use common sense. Don't post things like spoilers, find illegal downloads, or anything else illegal.
  • Do not participate or provoke a hostile environment. If there is a conflict and you want to join, it is to calm it, not to make it worse.
  •  If you have a question, you can post it in Technical Support both on the forum or mention to @Forum Dev 🛠️, as well as on BlackEmpire WoW.
  • Check the publications before writing a question, your question may be answered in advance. Write everything you want to say in the same entry, avoid using several.
  • Disobeying any of these rules may be grounds for ban.

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