Published by STAFF | 20-05-2020

Hello, hello people! Sayaka here.
Today I'll be answering some of the questions that you may have about our server, Black Empire WoW.

Q: What is this server and why I should play it?
A: We are a team of experienced developers and staff members that come from various backgrounds, we are here to deliver you the best Battle for Azeroth experience that we can give compared to Blizzard, we want to make everyone feel welcome and at home, while offering you a lag free experience with the best scripting we can offer.

Q: I saw the server already has a shop tab on the website, should I worry?
A: NO. We will never make the server pay to win or anything of the sort. The only items we'll put in the shop will be cosmetic only, like mounts, pets and toys, while also giving the possibility to buy a Level 110 Character boost.

Q: How can you guarantee I'll have a good time here?
A: To be honest, we can't, you may run into an issue here and there, either with our scripting since we're currently testing everything or with another "not so nice player", but in either case, we'll try to respond and fix/help as fast as possible.

Q: I'm still not convinced, can I really believe you?
A: I know everything is new and all, but I need you to put a bit of faith into us, the Black Empire team. Then I want you to decide if it was worth.

Now, in case you have other questions that haven't been answered here, you can get back to us at our Discord server.


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<h1> cool</h1> 


thats cool


i just dant wona see bugs in this serveur 


I'm glad you have as few with the Battle for Azeroth version secured connection. I have a question in answer to our dreams. All animals will be unlocked for the hunter. Such as pumpkin-head plants and yak. I know that only 12 sea animals have more Beast Mastery Hunter. Shark can swim in the air like vultures hunter. It would be a great advertisement pumpkin-head, undead plant pet hunter.


Dobrą reklamą Black Empire było by odblokowanie wszystkich zwierząt. Hunter miałby morzliwość posiadania dyniogłowej nieumarłej rośliny, yaka oraz rekina. Rekin mógłby pływać w powietrzu jak sęp huntera. Dyniogłowa nieumarła roślina jest ulubionym zwierzątkiem pokemaniaków i ma własne halloweenowe świętro zmarłych i łakoci. Widzenie rekina lewitującego tuż nad ziemią to takrze niezła reklama. Grając pandom chciałbym mieć yaka jako zwierzątko Huntera. Obecna strona ma Zabezpieczone Połączenie loginu i hasła. Certyfikat bezpieczeństwa przectawia firefox jako Zabezpieczone Połączenie.


hola amigos  ante todo los felicito por el proyecto en marcha espero qe tengan los mejores resultados

paso a ccomentarles por si les resulta util la informacion tengo un brujo lvl 94 y me enontre con algunas cosas que se las comento por si no lo saben  en micaso en ocasiones mi personaje se buguea y deja de pegar con magias debo desloguear y se soluciona por un rato sucede seguido  por otro lado los correos no llegan bien le mando cosas a otro pj y llega el correo pero no lñas cosas que le envie por otro lado  cuando cruuo el portal con kadgar para iniciar la cadena de quest hay problemas con el mapa y no se puede continuar

espero que no se molesten ya se que es un server en etapa de prueba pero lo comento por si les resulta util

mucha suerte y gracias